The Ass Fucker

by King Fucker

1. The Ass Fucker is a friend, family member, work colleague, or close acquaintance who behaves like an ally until he or she finds you in any way vulnerable, at which moment he or she will viciously betray you in the most underhanded and destructive manner possible.

All of the Ass Fucker’s self-worth is earned not at the expense of their actual competitors or enemies – that would be too difficult and risky. Their accomplishments are built upon the corpses of any people who dare to trust them.

2. Also, the Ass Fucker may be someone who will try to put a cock or other object into your ass if you are changing clothes, asleep, knocked unconscious, or momentarily distracted with your back turned. Not necessarily gay or even male.


1. Trust no one.

2. Same as above.


1. Successful. Driven by the partner’s growing awareness that ending the relationship will leave the Ass Fucker with nothing else in their lives except to lie in wait for an opportunity.

2. Unsuccessful, except on rare occasions where coordination is sufficiently impaired.


1. The Vindictive Fucker, and the Total Fucking Prick.

2. A unique variant of the Dog Fucker.